I'm a Questrom GSM '12 grad. Pint Track was created as my 2nd year Innovation project (and replaced the previous Rolodex card system). I continue to maintain and support Pint Track today as a hobby.


Need help? You can reach me at [email protected]


I'm open to your suggestions on how to improve Pint Track. If you want to contribute (as you can tell, I can use all the help I can get!) get in touch using the support address above.

What happened to the mobile apps?

The iPhone and Android apps became too much work to maintain. This responsive web app replaces them. You can add a Pint Track shortcut icon to your iPhone or Android home screen.


I'm a strong proponent of privacy on the internet. Pint Track only collects the data you explicitly provide, and only discloses your information to BU Pub Management.

What data are collected
  • Your name and email address as provided by you
  • Date and time of check-ins, in order to automatically display your name on the bartender's screen for 2-hours after you check-in
  • Which beers you have completed, to track your Knight's Quest progress, and the date and time of each beer to enforce the "maximum of 2 beers per mealtime" policy
  • I use Sentry for bug logging and performance monitoring. I have Sentry configured to not associate user accounts with debugging data.
Who can access your data
  • BU Pub management to track your progress and facilitate a safe and fair Knight's Quest
  • Myself during the course of routine management and maintenance of Pint Track
  • I would willingly provide specific, requested information to BU management or law enforcement investigating an incident. This has never happened.
  • There are no tracking cookies or "pixels" on this site. Not even Google Analytics.
  • The site uses functional cookies to maintain your session and keep you logged in.